Sunday, April 11, 2010


Conference and Rally for Religious Harmony
Mankind has witnessed more destruction in its attitude of intolerance than the destruction caused by natural calamities like flood, fire & war. JIH since its inception has given top priority to eradicate, this menace of intolerance. It has tried to remove the ill will and hatred formed between different communities. Mangalore has witnessed the culmination of such efforts of the Jamaat recently when it organized a historic conference of religious amity in Nehru Maidan which was addressed by eminent spiritual leaders of different religions. Prior to this a successful religious amity campaign was held throughout the district which was acclaimed by the media for its peace establishing effect. A big rally was also organized in which a cross section of the society irrespective of cast and creed participated. It was lead by prominent leaders of different religions.An important feature of this campaign was the launching of Sauhardha Vahini Message of communal harmony was disseminated from this Vahini using folders, short movie etc. through out the district to create much needed awareness among the general public. This Vahini was flagged off by the then Distinct Commissioners (DC) M. Mahesh Rao. We are fortunate enough to have a permanent body of scholars of different religions by name Dharmika Sauharda Vedike to oversee the communal atmosphere prevailing in the district from time to time and take suitable measures whenever such occasion arises to maintain communal harmony.

Convention Inauguration

Souharda Vahini

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


In the modern world, people have developed many misconceptions about Islam. It is the duty of every Muslim to strive towards removing these misconceptions and spreading the message of Islam among the fellow human beings. JIH has been undertaking various measures to fulfill this important mission and spread the divine message among the fellow citizens.

Eid Get TogetherGlass House, Kudroli Gokarnath Temple

Karnataka Dharmika Souharda Vedike

Public Quran PravachanaRosario Church Hall

Public Quran Pravachana at Ullala


It has organised
  • Public Quran Classes
  • Symposium
  • Open House Discussions
  • Eid Get Together
  • Ifthar Party
  • Seerath Programmes
  • Squad Works

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Islamik Mission of Karnataka (ISMIKA) is a postal library established in 1982 functioning at Mangalore. It is run by Hidayath Charitable Trust. The main objective of ISMIKA is to give the message of ISLAM (divine religion) to fellow citizens of Karnataka State in KAnnada which is the official Language of the state.

Aims and Objectives:
1) To eradicate the misconceptions and misunderstandings of the fellow citizens
(i.e. Hindu - Christian
brothern) about Islam.
2) To introduce the message of Islam to them in brief.
3) To try to establish communal harmony & moral upliftment so as to help the people of the State to lead a peaceful life.

Mode of Duration:
To achieve the aims and objectives of ISMIKA Postal Library a simple method is adopted. A classified advertisement is given in leading Kannada dailies inviting fellow citizens to seek books are for reading, e.g, one of the Advt matter is given here below: Do you want to know about Islam? Kannada books sent free for reading to Hindus, Christians and other non Muslim brothers & sisters. Please write to ISMIKA, P.B. No. 229, Mangalore - 575001.
Scores of letters received by the office of ISMIKA for books in response to one Advt. First book ‘Devastitvavannu Nirakarisaladeethe’ (Can the existence of God be denied) is sent alongwith a self-stamped envelop to return the book after reading. The rules & regulations of membership of ISMIKA are also sent to the reader.
When a reader returns the 1st book, he is treated as the member of postal library and his name is enrolled in the register.


The Quran is a magnificent Book, which conveys the message of peace, love, fraternity and the person who involved in spreading it will be a man of genius and the favourite of Allah.
Shri B.D. Vanakundari
Rtd. Deputy Commissioner, Dharwad

Peace be with you. I wish you all the best in your day to day life. I appreciate your efforts to enlighten the people on religion.
Fr. Alphonse Moras ofm
St. Antony’s Church Bannur, Puttur.

Received with thanks your compliment of Quran Vyakhyana 30th part. I am extremely pleased by the honest work done by you to spread Peace, Happiness, and to develop healthy Knowledge of Mankind.
K.Upendra Shenoy
Bunder, Mangalore

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hira presentation has been carrying out the work of dawah since several years through electronic media. The message of Islam is given to people through various programmes in local channels. Thousands of people, especially non Muslims from Dakshina Kannada, Uttara Kannada and Udupi districts are benefitted by these programmes. Live question and answer sessions are alsoorganized to clarify doubts and misconceptions of the public. This session is appreciated among the educated masses as they get satisfying reply for their queries. The message of Islam, teachings of Quran and other Islamic as well as contemporary topics will now be discussed and relayed through different local chennels.

Friday, March 19, 2010


The Sanmarga Weekly, a Kannada Islamic journal is in circulation since April 1978. The weekly tabloid provides Qur’an, Hadith, Seerath, moral stories, poetry and other value based discussion about contemporary political and social milieu in the light of Islam. The weekly has already earned the name and fame in Karnataka, Goa and many gulf Countries. Sanmarga has contributed hundreds of writters, poets, story writers and critics to the society. It has a chief editor, an associate editor and three sub editors and 5 other staff members.



Muslim Community lack access to proper knowledge of the Quran and Hadith. As a sincere effort to import this most important knowledge, JIH conducts weekly programmed for men, women and children. It also holds monthly meetings, programmes at various mosques, Eid and Ifthar get together, Friday sermons, campaigns etc.

Places where JIH, Mangalore unit conducts its weekly and monthly programmes are as follows:

Weekly Programmes for gents :-
Jamia Masjid, Kudroli.
Anas Bin Malik Juma Masjid, Bengre.
JIH Office, Opp. Juma Masjid, Bolar.
Sneha Sadana, Pakkaladka.
Asthal Juma Masjid, Krishnapura.
Islami Adhyana Kendra, Sana Complex, Vamanjoor.

Monthly Programmes :-
Kachi Jumma Masjid, Bunder
Masjid-u-Noor, Hampankatta
Jumma Masjid, Kandathpalli

Weekly Programmes for Women’s :-
Bikarnakatte Mosque Hall
Kudroli Madrasa, Bengre Madrasa
Classic Home, Marnamikatte
Krishnapura Hira School
Sneha Sadana, Pakkaladka
Muslim Elites Meet
Seerat Programme
Hajj Training Camp
Public Programme

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Social Service Unit (SSU)

Accomplishment of innumerable needs of people depends on the co operation of others, a favorable environment and appropriate methodology rather than an individuals all round efforts alone More so in the case of helpless people like orphans, widows, homeless and destitute. Islam the divine guidance for the entire humanity emphasizes more on compassion fellow beings. It says Allah shows mercy to then who are merciful to others. Striving to meet the requirements of the needy is an act of jihad, service to the creatures is the service of Allah.
Jamaat has adopted social service as one of its most important work, trying to inculcate the spirit of social service in its cadre and community to serve mankind irrespective of caste & creed. Social service unit is an integral part of jamaat’s local units. A brief report of such services by the Mangalore unit in last 5 years is given below.