Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Shanthi Prakashana:

The knowledge of Islamic teachings and its faithful practice both in personal and social life is essential for the establishment of a peaceful society.

  • Islam guides humanity inall spheres of human life including personal conduct, family & social life, economy, morality, human relations, governance etc.
  • Shanthi Prakashana commenced its work in 1988 with the noble objective of introducing the eternal values of Islam in its real and true perspective to the Kannada reading People.
  • Its principle goal is providing an opportunity of acquiring true knowledge of islam to all and dispelling the deep rooted prejudices and misgivings prevailing in the minds of non muslims about islam & muslims.
  • In this regard, Shanthi Prakashana has brought in to light over Two Hundred titles on divergent topics and contemporary issues related to islam.
  • Shanthi Prakashana has published volumes of Holy Qur’an originally in Arabic along with its translation, commentary and explanatory notes in Kannada for the benefit of over 50 Million Kannadigas worldwide.
  • Apart from the rich list of Books already published, numerous titles presently under printing are ready to enlighten the public.
  • Publications of Shanthi Prakashana have received admiration of prominent literary personalities and institutions of Karnataka.
  • Shanthi Prakashana is not a mere commercial project, but a missionary venture of Da’wah work which is obligatory on all muslims.

Shanthi Sanchari Pusthakalaya:

Library on Wheels
Inaugurated on 22nd April, 2003by B.M. Iddinabba
It aims to take the message of Islam to the door-steps of Kannadigas to develop the communal amity by thecomprehensive study and mutual understanding of faiths.
Exhibition and Sales of Islamic literature in the District and Taluk centers as well as in rural areas.
Reaching out to Schools, Colleges, Universities, Religious Centres, Courts, Government offices, Tourist places etc.

Releasing the book “Manvakulada Vimochaka”

Releasing “Qur’an Vyakhyana”

Releasing the book “Dhari Deepa”

Releasing the book “Jihad”

website “www.shanthiprakashana.com”was launched on 12/05/2009 by Prof. Aqueel Ahmed, V.C. Yenepoya University

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